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More on keystroke saving - Word Prediction Software.

Penfriend Word Prediction Software Screenshot.
Penfriend Word Prediction Software Screenshot.

Many people are slow typists, or are using other input methods that are effective but slower than someone using a normal keyboard. For these people word prediction software can help to speed up their typing.

After typing the first few letters of a word, predictive software gives a number of words starting with those letters. The choices offered vary to reflect those words you most often type. To complete the word the user simply selects one of the words offered and the complete word is entered in the document.

The prediction software will then offer a list of words you have previously typed after the word just chosen, and the user can easily select that word to be entered into the document as well. And so on.

This can speed up your typing and reduce the number of keystrokes you need to make.

You may also want to read the section on keystroke saving using MS Word’s autocorrect and autotext.

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