Emerging Technologies

Welcome to Emerging Technologies Module

Maybe you are just curious or maybe you are a true scholar for whom learning is its own reward. In either case feel free to look through the Emerging Technologies Module Content below. If you would like some acknowledgement of your hard work why not login and take the module for credit. All you have to do is answer a few simple multiple choice questions at the end of each chapter to prove you were paying attention. On completion you will be awarded a prestigious Emerging Technologies Badge that you can keep in your Credy or Open Badges account and display on your Blog or Social Network of choice.

There are 6 chapters in this Module. Each chapter can be accessed from the menu below (which is at the bottom of every page) or from the drop-down menu at the top. Each chapter contains text, images, videos and some activities or questions. There is a yellow TextHelp box in the bottom left of each chapter. If you click on this box the TextHelp Speech Stream Toolbar will open and hover on the top right of the chapter. You can reposition this by dragging it with the mouse. The TextHelp toolbar offers some features you might find useful as you progress through the each chapter including Text to Speech (TTS), Highlighter and Dictionary. Click here for more information on the TextHelp Speech Stream ToolBar