Welcome to Enable Ireland’s Assistive Technology Training Service elearning test site!

Enable Ireland have been involved in providing Assistive Technology training since 2001. We provide subject or technology specific short courses as well as our flagship Foundations in Assistive Technology (AT) course certified by Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT).  We also provide bespoke training to organisations and individuals on a wide range of subjects in the area of disability and technology.

This website sees us breaking new ground and attempting to emulate the success of our face to face training on-line. We are doing this in response to what we see as a demand from those working in the area of Assistive Technology for a new model of training and continued professional development (CPD). In the last decade due to the rapid pace of innovation within Assistive Technology and the increased workload expected of those employed in the area it has become increasingly difficult for professionals to keep up to date with current AT. Along with this we have seen the growth and democratisation of AT. No longer the reserve of the professional in recent years we have seen AT users, their friends and families taking on AT support roles and the World Wide Web is the perfect medium to reach this growing audience.

We have included two sample modules on this site for you to try out for yourself. Inbuilt Accessibility Features and Emerging Technologies. In the Inbuilt Accessibility Features module you will learn how to adapt any computer, laptop  or mobile device without having to spend a cent. You will see that these features are improving all the time making modern mainstream devices accessible right out of the box! Emerging Technologies aims to give you a sneak peak at what AT might be coming down the line in a few years and it’s a very exciting time. Do this module and we’re sure you’ll agree.

Finally we have a short survey that can be accessed from the main menu or the previous link. We would really appreciate you taking the time, only 5 minutes, to complete this. It is completely anonymous so don’t pull any punches. The more critical feedback we get the more we can improve future modules.